Quick Setup

Checkbox is designed to be set up quickly and easily, requiring no major technical or networking skills. Although there are a variety of customizing features available, it will work "out of the box" in most standard installations.

You may download a PDF of the setup and users guide, and a guide to surveying your site to determine how many units will be required for full wireless coverage of your site.

Most of the initial setup configuration is focused around attaching Checkbox to your Internet Service Provider, and then printing your first access tickets. If your ISP uses:

You can skip the initial network configuration - Checkbox comes preconfigured for these situations.

The Configuration and setup steps are:

  1. Configuring your internet connection
  2. Printing your first tickets
  3. Personalizing the access point for your business
All configuration is done through browser Operator panels on board the unit itself. Menu selection for all configuration items is accessible through selections on the top and on the left of the screen.